MegWise Meditations

MegWise Meditations 

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Are You Ready to Relax, Release, Renew

As You Connect to Sources of Light & Love?

Connect Heaven and Earth Meditation



"Imagine as the space of your heart is open to receive this warm, calming light. Feel as it fills every part of your heart, The heart fills to capacity with the sense of serenity, love. So much that it wants to share this love and light with every cell of your body..."

Everglow Tree Meditation



"Your feet are surrounded and soothed as they become covered and connect to the light energy this brings. You see this connection sprouting roots to the earth. The ground glows with warm loving light.  Feel this love start to move through your feet and moving through your body..."

Moonlight Meditation



"Notice a gentle light coming from above you like the moonlight. Soft, cool, light. Imagine it as it touches the top of your head. With the light comes cleansing, calming energy. This cooling sensation touches past your eyes relaxing them. Preparing them to be peaceful. Clearing the way for calm..."