What's the Intuitive Empowerment Academy?


12 Week Certification Course

A Mentorship and Mastermind


For Spiritually Focused Female

Coaches, Therapists and Healers.



Welcome Empowered Wise Woman!


Are your ready to let your emotions connect you to your intuition? 


An empowered wise woman is willing to find the subconscious fears and feelings that are keeping her from rediscovering the powerful wisdom she holds inside?


Those of us in the field of healing are learning our own unique healing art. You were prepared with specific power and wisdom to help you fulfill your divine destiny. The emotional energy you hold inside helps you to reconnect to your divine intelligence. Emotions are messengers.


The emotions you feel are your connection to your physical and energetic bodies. Awareness of your emotions allows communication between physical and spiritual matter. Emotions are energy in motions, e-motions. This ability to discern the language of energy is called intuition.


You can learn to interpret the language of your intuition using your energetic senses. You might believe people are just intuitively gifted or not. What I've discovered is intuition is a skill to be intentionally developed, practiced and mastered. 


As you allow yourself to connect to some of your deepest emotions you will discover a deeper connection to your intuition. 

  • Be Mentored in Mind Management and Meditation

  • Mastermind With Others in the Field of Healing

  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Beliefs to Change Your Behaviors

  • Recognize, Release and Renew Emotional Energy 


  • Learn How Caring For The Body Influences Emotions

  • Notice How Your Body Cues You to Care for Your Physical/Energetic Body

  • Find The Barriers Between Your Divine Intelligence and Guidance

  • Discover Your Higher Purpose and Spiritual Superpowers  

  • Practice Clearing and Disconnecting From Energetic Connections 

  • Learn Applicable Emotional and Energetic Power Tools

  • Communicate Intuitively With Your Angels and Ancestors

  • Connect and Enhance Your Intuitive Senses


You know you're deeply connected to emotions and you feel a connection to your intuition. You just want to know more....


The truth is emotional energy can be draining or depressing when you don't know how to properly process it.  Especially when you are working with people all day. It's essential to be aware of how emotions are affecting you on a daily basis. 


As you interact with others and connect to people or clients in deep ways you develop energetic attachments. You need to learn to protect and clear your emotional connections. This allows you to have more energy to work efficiently and effectively.


Humans were created to connect. For those who were created to be healers, this ability can be overpowering. You have the power to change and control what and who you connect to. Your empathetic connections can be empowering if you learn how to use them intelligently.


Once you discover how to manage the emotions and energy you encounter it gives you your power back. You have more control and clarity. You are able to better attune yourself with your powerful intuitive abilities. 


I know what you might be thinking....


  • You doubt or don't understand how to use your intuitive gifts and powers yet.
  • You're already using your intuition, but feel blocked from fully embracing your power.
  • You need more guidance and tools to help you better use your powerful abilities.
  • You want to know how to serve your family, friends and clients using your healing powers.


During the certification course you will be trained in and practice using the 7 Pillars of Empowerment. In each of these pillars are a variety of "power tools". As you practice using these tools personally throughout the program you will gain skills and experience to use them with others as well. These will be beneficial for you to use for yourself, your family, friends and clients. 


Upon completing the course will receive your certification as an Intuitive Empowerment Practitioner.  







Intuitive Empowerment Includes :

  • Intuitive Intelligence Book and Workbook

    You receive the Intuitive Intelligence Book and Workbook. These teach the 7 Power Pillars of Intuitive Empowerment (Heart, Mind, Body, Word, Color, Light, Purpose). Learn and practice engaging/managing your emotions and your connection to your intuition.

  • Online Video Modules and Meditations 

  • 1-1 Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions

    6 Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions. Scheduled twice a month during the course. Hypnotherapy is an empowering modality. It allows you to go into your subconscious mind, which reveals stored experiences and emotions from your past. We can recognize the root of your fears and feelings and reframe them. Then reprogram your mind to help you progress into the most powerful YOU!

  • Mastermind for Intuitive Empowerment

Is Intuitive Empowerment Academy for you?!

It is for the spiritually focused therapists, coaches and healers who want to connect to their divine identity and intuition so they can rediscover their higher power and purpose on the earth.


Who is Intuitive Empowerment For?

  • Emotionally Intelligent

    If you want to become more aware of your emotions. Learn to recognize, release and renew emotions in deep meditation.

  • Energetically Intelligent

    If you want to become aware of your energetic senses. Learn to feel, see and hear with your energetic body.

  • Intuitively Intelligent

    If you want to become more aware of your intuition. Learn to connect & communicate with your own soul & other souls. 

  • ​Divinely Intelligent 

    If you want to connect to your divine intelligence to understand your higher purpose and powers. 

  • Reprogrammer of Intelligence

    Reprogram the coding written in your subconscious mind and DNA. Connect to ancestors  to heal generational programs and patterns of beliefs. 

  • ​Invested in Intelligence

    If you are willing to commit to a four figure investment for your personal and professional development. 

Who is Intuitive Empowerment NOT For?

  • Emotional Denial

    If you don't think you need to feel and express emotions.  You don't desire to know where and why you feel emotions. 

  • Energetic Drainer 

    If you identify as a victim of empathy and are unwilling to learn to empower yourself by changing your mind and heart. 

  • Intuitive Doubter

    If you don't believe in a higher power or the ability to connect inwardly and outwardly to divine sources of wisdom. 

  • Divine Potential Avoider

    If you don't want to develop into your highest self or discover your innate ability to heal yourself and others. 

  • Remain in Old Programming

    Remain in old programs and patterns. Claim broken genetic code passed down through your DNA. Be disconnected from your spiritual lineage. 

  • Unwilling to Invest

    Unable or unwilling to invest in a program for your personal progression and professional benefit. 

Working with Megan I have become aware of my strengths of intuitively seeing and feeling. She created a safe space for me to express my feelings and find where they are coming from. She led me to connect to the things I've been hiding from so I can begin healing. I appreciate her guiding me through the thoughts I wasn't able to process on my own. I recommend Megan, if you are hoping to dig deeper into your heart and mind.

Jessica DeSpain

Megan is amazing. I feel like the thing she did for me was to take the deep down lies I was believing about myself and expose them and then teach me or help me teach myself the truth in a way that I could accept and incorporate into my being. I'll try to put into words the process: 

We start with a negative emotion I'm feeling and maybe what triggered it in my present situation and then we dive into my subconscious or past, to uncover when I started feeling this way. Then, we identify the lie, and that is the crux.

And I feel that Megan has a gift to help you dive into your soul and pull out your own intuitive wisdom. Light cleaveth to light and Megan pours light out over you, to call upon the light within you, to teach yourself the truth, so you can identify the lies, and choose to believe the truth. It's all such an important process, because I believe that the darkness or the shadows are given to us, so we can call upon and identify our greatest strengths.

Kiarah Taylor

Jamie Smith

Megan is amazing! I go to her because she has the ability to find the root of emotions I am experiencing. I have been to lots of healers and therapists. Megan is able to help me connect deeply with what I am feeling and guide me through the process. I trust her intuitive abilities because I have seen how they have been spot on during our sessions.


She is supportive and compassionate. She is also able to help me understand my own gifts and use them in a way I wasn't able to see on my own. With her help I have learned to better connect to my angels and ancestors. I know there is so much healing to be done generationally.  She has helped me do so much healing work for myself and those in my family line. 

Laurie Ralphs

1. What if I am not a spiritual coach, therapist or healer? 

  • I am focused on helping the healers of this earth harness their healing powers, so they better serve those they work with. If you are not already an official "spiritual healer" by trade. Maybe deep down you know that you're a inherent healer who needs healing and training. If you are motivated and dedicated to do the work. If you are ready to dive deep into this high level healer's program. If you are willing to invest in your personal development. I can help you rediscover your intuitive intelligence too. 

2. Do I get access to the program after I complete the course? 

  • You have lifetime access to the courses materials. Including the books, modules and meditations. 

3. Do I offer refunds? 

  • Refunds are not available. If you are actively participating and dedicated to doing the work, you will see results. 

4. Are payment plans available?

  • Payment plans are available.  

Hey Wise Woman! If you've gotten this far,

you can feel something about this

resonates with you on a deeper level.

Just know I am divinely driven and

designed to fulfill this destiny.


I Was Put On This Planet By My Higher Power to Fulfill My Higher Purpose.


You were placed in my path to help YOU find your higher purpose and power. 


I know there is something calling you from inside to rediscover what you were prepared to do before you came here. I know because it has been calling me too. This call comes from your own powerful soul asking you to remember...


I have been able to remove the blocks and beliefs that were keeping me from seeing who I really am. I have changed my self-loathing into self-loving. In the process of self-discovery I rediscovered my power as a healer.  


I know that there is a power inside you that is hidden in shadows of your darkness. I can help you bring to light your deepest fears and feelings. I can help you find the inner-wounds that lead you to your inner-wisdom.  Knowing your darkness and your light helps you understand who you are at the deepest level.  


You're part of my purpose and YOU have a higher purpose and power too...


Rediscover it with ME!


"Once you find your DIVINE IDENTITY,

it changes the way you see yourself.

You no longer see earth life as a destination,

but a place where you can fulfill

your DIVINE DESTINY in human form."


LOVE & LIGHT, Megan Wiseman